LolliPop (AvatarUX Studios)

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$5000 + 300 fs
96% RTP Average

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$5000 + 300 fs
96% RTP Average

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$5000 + 300 fs
96% RTP Average

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18+| Terms Apply | Play Responsibly

LolliPop (AvatarUX Studios) slot REVIEW

LolliPop (AvatarUX Studios) ReviewAvatarUX has been struggling to nail the spin pace more or less from day 1, or at least since we started focusing on it in our reviews. Some installments seem to have been upgraded with a turbo option, and this could have solved the problem with LolliPop as well. The hiccup before and after each spin is rather annoying, and it’s a shame since this is otherwise a pretty interesting 10th release in the PopWins mechanic series.

The candy visuals are perhaps not the most original wrapping. However, the StickyPop Respins feature with its unlocking reel multiplier system makes the base game stick out in a positive way. The PopWins mechanic expands the grid as it usually does, with up to 7 rows and 33,614 win ways in the bonus round. The hold-and-win style feature comes with a clever cash scatter upgrade system, and this can suddenly escalate things to the tune of 13,000x your stake.

LolliPop Slot - Reels Screen

LolliPop Slot Features

The premium symbols pay 1 to 4 x your stake for 5 of a kind wins, and symbols pay both ways. The StickyPop feature triggers on each win, making all instances of the winning symbol sticky as the remaining positions respin. This goes on indefinitely as long as you keep adding to the win, and reels expand by +1 row per winning combo up to 5 rows in the base game.

Whenever you max out a base game reel with 5 rows, you unlock a multiplier. Each maxed out reel adds +1 to the multiplier within the same respins sequence. When the final respin has played out, your total win is boosted by the summed up unlocked multipliers. It goes as high as x6, at best.

The Bonus Round triggers when you land 3, 4 or 5 scatters in the same respins sequence, and you can choose to gamble for taller starting reels and extra lives. Losing means you’re taken back to the base game however, and the gamble feature plays out in 2 stages with the best possible result being 5 starting lives on a 5x5 starting grid.

LolliPop Slot - Free Spins Gamble

The hold-and-win style Bonus Round comes with scatter cash symbols and hearts, as well as blanks that do nothing. Both become sticky when they land, and scatters come with cash values of 1x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 20x, 100x or 500x your stake. Hearts increase the respins tally by +1 or +2. Both symbol types add +1 row to relevant reels, up to 7 at the most. A maxed out 5x7 grid equals 33,614 win ways, and expanded reels don’t reset in the bonus round.

The Scatter Upgrade system comes into play during the bonus round as well. When a given number of a particular scatter type has become sticky, all instances upgrade to the next prize tier. You need only 2 of the 1x scatter to upgrade, while 7+ 100x scatters upgrade them all to the top-tier 500x scatter. All scatters on a maxed out reel doubles in value, and you can keep track of it all on the scatter upgrade trail to the left.

Those living in an eligible jurisdiction have 2 Bonus Buy options in this game (not UK). You can pay 75x your stake for the regular upgradable bonus round. You can also pay 500x your stake for the Bonus Buy Max option, which gives you a 5x5 starting grid with 5 respin lives (this is essentially the absolute best outcome from the gamble feature).

The 200 Spins LolliPop Slot Experience

Nothing overly exciting happened for us in the base game, but you get to see a few PopWins here and there. We purchase the bonus round 1 minute into the 2:29-minute highlights video, and we got lucky in the gamble feature. Simply hit the play button below to see for yourself how it all played out.

Review Summary

The PopWin mechanic comes with a decent pace this time, but AvatarUX still struggles with the game pace calibration. There’s an “awkward silence” between hitting the spin button and the reels actually spinning, and the spin button is “dead” for even longer after each spin. Pace is not everything, we know, but it’s certainly not nothing in a game like this, and we found ourselves hammering the spin button in frustration all the time.

This problem should’ve been ironed out long ago. It’s a simple and obvious fix, yet here we are 10 installments deep still nagging about it. The StickyPop multiplier system and the scatter upgrade bonus round are both enjoyable features, and it’s therefore too bad that such a “small” issue as the game pace overshadows what could’ve been a more fun release. The 13,000x potential is solid, and it indicates that AvatarUX has put themselves on a more realistic track compared to some of the early releases.

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LolliPop (AvatarUX Studios) Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of LolliPop?

The LolliPop RTP of 95.82 % is a tad below the industry average.

How volatile is LolliPop?

This is a high volatility installment from AvatarUX Studios, and you can expect fluctuations on your bankroll.

What is the biggest win possible?

You can win up to 13,000x your stake in LolliPop, which is decent, and probably more realistic than what’s advertised in some of the earlier releases in this series.

How does the StickyPop and Multiplier system work?

Winning combos not only expand reels and win ways, they also trigger sticky winning symbol respins. Maxed out reels unlock a multiplier that increases by +1 per unlocked reel, and the sum of it boosts the total respin win.

Is there a free spins mode in LolliPop?

Yes, and you can gamble to upgrade it upfront. This adds extra respin lives and pre-expands the grid. The expanded grid never resets in bonus round, and scatter prize symbols can be upgraded to the next tier depending on how many you land of each kind.

How many winning ways are available?

You will play with between 486 and 33,614 win ways in LolliPop, via the reel-expanding PopWin mechanic.

Can I play LolliPop Slot for free?

Yes, you can check the free LolliPop demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must verify age first).

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