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PapayaPop slot REVIEW

PapayaPop ReviewYggdrasil Master, AvatarUX, is at it again with yet another PopWin release, and you have to give them credit for stamina and morale, if nothing else. They seem hellbent on making this series succeed at all costs, or perhaps they’ve become content with feeding whatever niche-following they’ve managed to gather since the first release.

Little has been done to evolve the concept with this installment however, and PapayaPop comes with a 10,542x potential, which is unusually low for the PopWin series. The Art Deco fruit theme is nicely done though, and as usual, the game is all about expanding the grid via consecutive popwins. Everything is taken up a notch in the bonus round, not least because of the multiplier that increases per spin.

PapayaPop Slot - Reels Screen

PapayaPop Features

Winning symbols are ‘popped’ from the grid, and this also expands the reels by doubling each winning symbol position. New symbols fill the empty positions, which might lead to a new winning combo. If this is the case, the process repeats, and the grid expands further which also increases the number of win ways. Each reel can expand from 3 to 6 rows in the base game, awarding up to 7,776 win ways (which is really 15,552 ways, due to the pay both ways engine).

You trigger the Bonus Round when you manage to max out all 5 reels with 6 rows, and the feature comes with a 2x starting multiplier. You can choose to gamble for more starting win ways up to 6,250, as well as a higher multiplier up to 5x, before the bonus round starts. If you go there, you’ll spin a Gamble Wheel to try your luck, but also you risk losing the whole feature altogether, so choose wisely.

You start out with 3 lives, and the feature goes on indefinitely. Non-winning spins takes away one life from your tally, but winning spins reset the tally to 3 again. When all 3 lives are lost, the bonus round is over. You can now increase the grid with up to 9 rows per reel, which equals 118,098 win ways when maxed out.

The grid resets to the lowest row number between free spins, and not the starting size. This means that you can max out the grid at any point, and it will stay that way for the remainder of the feature. The multiplier increases by +1 for each free spins, no matter if you win or not. If you max out the grid with 9 rows per reel however, the multiplier increases by +2 per spin, and there is no upper limit to worry about.

A Bonus Buy feature is included in certain jurisdictions (not the UK, for sure). It will set you back 75x your stake to buy the bonus round, and you can improve the feature via the Gamble Wheel, if you dare. If not, you will start with a 2x multiplier and 486 win ways. In this context, you should know that the bonus round triggers organically once every 197 spins on average.

The 200 Spins PapayaPop Experience

The bonus round is triggered after a longer popwin sequence, and you can see the gamble feature play out around 0:45 into the 3-minute highlights video. That’s right, we took our chances and improved our lot with a 3x multiplier and 2,048 win ways. How we fared in the bonus round itself however, you will have to see for yourself below.

Review Summary

Since there is nothing new included in PapayaPop to bring the PopWins concept forward, we might as well nitpick a bit about the pace. We have criticized previous installments for being too slow in filling up the empty reel positions during popwin sequences, something AvatarUX seems to have taken to heart with this release.

The problem now is the weird and annoying delay you get when you hit the spin button, and the pause between each popwin filler. It adds up to an awkward experience, where you hammer the spin button with the turbo switched on in frustration. The PopWin concept is struggling to break into the mainstream already, and ulcer-inducing gameplay like this is hardly helping its cause.

If you appreciate PapayaPop you should also try:

CherryPop - is another fruity installment in AvatarUX’ PopWin series, and it comes with a bonus round with a progressive win multiplier. The bonus buy option is included here too, as well as the free spins gamble feature. The volatility is high, and you can win up to 56,386x your stake.

HippoPop - is the 6th installment in the series, and you can expand the grid up to 5x6 also here. The base game comes with a progressive win multiplier, and it’s carried over into the bonus round. It does not reset between free spins, and this can lead to payouts up to 48,150x your stake.

BountyPop - also comes with the possibility of 6 rows per reel in the base game, and 9 rows during free spins. Max out the grid to trigger the multiplier bonus wheel, which can help you land payouts up to 55,000x your stake. The fantasy pirate theme makes this title stick out somewhat, and so does the bonus wheel feature.


PapayaPop Slot FAQsWhat is the Return to Player of PapayaPop?

The 96 % RTP is about as average as they come.

How volatile is PapayaPop?

This is a highly volatile game, and you can therefore expect significant fluctuations on your bankroll.

What is the biggest win possible?

You can win up to 10,542x your stake, which is the lowest stated potential in the series so far, by a lot.

How does the PopWin mechanic work in PapayaPop?

Winning symbols ‘pop’, and the empty positions split in two. This expands the reels with up to 6 rows, and increases the number of win ways up to 15,552 in the base game. Up to 9 rows and 118,098 ways are possible in the bonus round.

Is there a free spins mode in PapayaPop?

Yes, you start with 3 lives, and the feature goes on until you run out of lives. You can gamble up front for a better starting multiplier than 2x, as well as a more expanded grid. The multiplier increases by +1 per free spin, and maxing out the grid makes it increase by +2 per spin.

How many winning ways are available?

You start with 486 win ways, and up to 118,098 ways are possible in the bonus round.

Can I play PapayaPop slot for free?

Yes, you can check out the free PapayaPop demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must verify age first). Up there, you’ll also find plenty of casinos that we’ve confirmed to carry this title.

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