Honey Rush 100

(Playn Go) Slot Review

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Honey Rush 100 slot REVIEW

Honey Rush 100 ReviewPlay’n Go’s original Honey Rush has withstood the test of time quite decently, and we are pretty sure that both fans and newcomers will appreciate this follow-up release. We can state up front that Honey Rush 100 is a superior game, but the core elements from the first game have been carried over. There are enough new features and enhancements to satisfy those who crave something different though, and the visual department has been given an overhaul as well.

The hexahedron grid is placed in the middle of a forest opening, and the name of the game is still collecting as many winning symbols as possible in the Rush Meter. You can overcharge the meter this time, which upgrades the symbol that will eventually be cloned to possibly fill the grid once the current cascading sequence comes to an end. Wilds drop down to build the win multiplier, and it can go as high as x100 this time. The 15,000x potential has been dialed up several notches as well, and Honey Rush 100 looks like a winner to us at least.

Honey Rush 100 Slot - Reels Screen

Honey Rush 100 Slot Features

You win by landing 5 to 37 matching symbols in a cluster anywhere on the grid, and the top-paying 37-symbol clusters award between 10 and 50 x your stake. The Wild symbol steps in for any pay symbol to help complete and/or improve cluster wins, or at least this is their core function. As we shall see below, the wilds have other tricks up their sleeve in Honey Rush 100 as well.

All winning symbols are removed from the grid, and replaced by new and/or existing symbols dropping down from above. This Cascading mechanic goes on as long as you keep winning, giving you indefinite winning streaks per round.

The Rush Meter on the right-hand side collects all winning symbols that are removed, and this unleashes different tiers of the Colony Feature when you fill the meter to certain levels. Below is an overview of the different levels, and what you can expect from them:

The Drone Colony Level 1 is queued from 30 winning symbols collected.

The Worker Colony Level 2 is queued from 60 winning symbols collected.

The Queen Colony Level 3 is queued from 90 winning symbols collected.

The Colony Feature plays out in a similar way no matter what level is triggered, but it’s progressively enhanced per level. Basically, the central symbol on the grid is cloned, and at level 1 it creates a cluster win of at least 7 symbols. The number of symbols increases to 10 to 15 for level 2, and 20 to 37 symbols is the size of the winning cluster if you activate the level 3 colony feature.

All Wilds that appear are sticky wilds, and they drop down to a new free position after being part of a winning cluster. If the sticky wild reaches the bottom of the grid, it drops down into the honey pot below. This increases the win multiplier by +1 each time, and the multiplier resets between rounds. Filling the grid with 37 wilds awards 500x your stake, but wilds do not pay for less than a full grid.

You can continue to collect winning symbols even after you’ve collected 90 symbols, and this puts the Rush Meter into Overcharge mode. The central symbol about to be cloned into a winning cluster is upgraded per 15 overcharge-symbols that are collected.

This goes on until you’ve reached the top-tier diamond symbol, and this also upgrades the win multiplier by +3. Wilds reaching the bottom add +2 (drone colony) or +3 (worker or queen colony) to the win multiplier once the colony feature has been unleashed, and the multiplier tops out at x100 in Honey Rush 100 slot.

Honey Rush 100 Slot - Free Spins

Review Summary

The first thing we noticed was that the pace of this follow-up release has been improved, but it wasn’t too shabby in the original Honey Rush either. In addition, the backdrop is not simply a green blur, but a forest opening filled with fireflies dancing around. The scenery is even more pleasant in other words, and the main aim is still filling the Rush Meter as best you can. This leads to larger and larger guaranteed cluster wins, depending on the level, but Honey Rush 100 comes with some additional upgrades that makes this a better game overall.

Instead of leaping multiplier wilds, you get dropping sticky wilds that add to the overall win multiplier when they hit the bottom of the grid. The multiplier can go a lot higher in this follow-up release as well, topping out at x100. You’re basically pushing to fill the grid with the most upgraded symbol possible, and boost that win with up to an x100 multiplier. The 15,000x potential is significantly higher than in the original game, and Honey Rush 100 is definitely a solid follow-up that’s well worth checking out.


Honey Rush 100 Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Honey Rush 100?

The top-tier Honey Rush 100 RTP of 96.2 % is a tad above average. However, operators can adjust the RTP down via different settings, due to customizable RTP ranges.

How volatile is Honey Rush 100?

This is a high volatility installment from Play’n Go, and you can therefore expect ups and downs on your bankroll in longer sessions.

What is the biggest win possible?

You can win up to 15,000x your stake in Honey Rush 100, which is a significant upgrade from the original game.

How does the Rush Meter Colony Feature work in Honey Rush 100?

It’s activated by collecting 30, 60, or 90 winning symbols in the same cascading sequence, and overcharged if you collect more than 90. This upgrades the cloned symbol per 15 overcharge-collections, and it can create a full-grid win.

Is there a multiplier system in Honey Rush 100?

Yes, wilds hitting the bottom of the grid add +1 to the win multiplier, and overcharging the rush meter adds +3. Wilds add +2 or +3 after the Colony feature has been unleashed, depending on the level.

Is there a free spins mode in Honey Rush 100?

No, there is no bonus round in Honey Rush 100, as this game is all about the Rush Meter and Colony feature.

How many winning ways are available?

You win by landing 5 to 37 matching symbols in a cluster anywhere on the grid, so there are no traditional win ways in this game.

Can I play Honey Rush 100 Slot for free?

Yes, you can check the free Honey Rush 100 demo slot at the very top of this page (UK players must verify age first). Up there, you will also find casinos we have confirmed to carry this game.

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