Cash Defense

(Print Studios) Slot Review

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€500 / $500 / 5000kr
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Cash Defense slot REVIEW

Cash Defense ReviewWe have to say that “Cash Defense” seems like an odd title for this game, and simply calling it Tower Defense (like the bonus rounds) would make more sense in our view. Anyway, the slot enthusiasts over at Print Studios have once again put on their experimental hats, although the base game is about as ordinary as it gets. You get their usual SuperSpinners multiplier system that boosts line wins, and that’s it.

Clearly, the focus has been on the two Tower Defense bonus rounds, and both the Mini and Grand version play out in 2 stages. Stage 1 is all about eliminating as many monsters as possible via cannon and arrow towers, and the monsters you kill turn into a full-reels jumbo symbol for 1 or 3 free spins in stage 2. The grand version comes with a possible multiplier as well, and you can win up to a solid 20,000x your stake.

Cash Defense Slot - Reels Screen

Cash Defense Slot Features

The monster pay symbols all have names in this game, and they are known as Dropax, Hornax, Bublax, Rhinax, Steve, Alan, Mantisa, Scythra, Psykrona, and Mentarch. They pay between 1.5 and 50 x your stake for 5 of a kind wins, and there are no regular wilds in this game.

The SuperSpinners system gives you random multipliers that appear in random positions between the reels. Each spin comes with a new configuration of SuperSpinner multipliers, and all wins that pass through these between-reels multipliers are boosted accordingly.

You need the Mini Tower Defense symbol on the rightmost reel to trigger the Mini Tower Defense Feature, and it plays out in 2 stages. In Part 1, you will see 10 enemies plus a Bonus Enemy walk across a path one after another, and 2 towers fire at them all the way. You need the Bonus Enemy to be killed to trigger the Grand Tower Defense Feature. The arrow tower is most efficient against single enemies, while the cannon tower works better against groups of enemies.

Cash Defense Slot - Mini Tower Defense Feature

In part 2, you get a Jumbo Symbol Free Spin. The Jumbo Symbol consists of all eliminated enemies in part 1, and it covers reels 2 and 3. Reels 1 and 4 spin, and only blanks or the relevant enemy symbols will appear on these two reels.

You can trigger the Grand Tower Defense Bonus from the base game as well, and this requires 3+ scatters in view. You win 20x or 100x your stake from 4 or 5 triggering scatters, respectively, and this Grand version of the bonus feature also plays out in 2 parts.

You get to choose your preferred Tower configuration for Part 1, and you can go with only cannon towers, only arrow towers, or a mix of both. You get 4 towers either way, and the path the 10 enemies have to walk is longer. If you manage to kill 5 of them, you get a second wave of 50 SuperSpinner enemies.

You get 3 free spins with Jumbo Symbols covering reels 2, 3, and 4 in Part 2 of the Grand TD Bonus, and the Jumbo symbol consists of all the eliminated enemies. Blanks and eliminated enemies land on reels 1 and 5, and you get a random SuperSpinner multiplier per SuperSpinner enemy that was killed in Part 1. This multiplier increases by +1 per spin.

The Feature Bet menu is available in some jurisdictions, but not in the UK for sure. It comes with the following options:

Scatter Boost - pay 1.5x your stake to get an increased bonus round chance (RTP of 96.64 %).

Mini Tower Defense - pay 28.9x your stake to get this feature (RTP of 96.83 %).

Grand Tower Defense - pay 94x your stake to get this bonus (RTP of 97.33 %).

The 200 Spins Cash Defense Slot Experience

You get to see some base game wins here and there, before we trigger the Grand Tower Defense bonus round at 1:12 into the 3:42-minute highlights video. We went with one cannon tower and 3 arrow towers, and you can see for yourself how it all played out by hitting the play button below.

Review Summary

Print Studios grabbed our attention from their very first release, and it’s always interesting to see what this small studio comes up with next. Cash Defense is another game that redefines what an online slot can be, but perhaps not to the extent that their earlier release, Reapers, did. The base game is kept somewhat interesting by the SuperSpinner multiplier system, but what you really want is for either of the Tower Defense features to trigger. Unfortunately, it can take a while between bonuses, and not least the Grand version.

The Mini TD feature gives you a decent taste of what the Grand feature is all about, and it can land you decent to solid payouts as well. The Grand version is, of course, even more exciting, but it can be annoyingly hard to kill more than a few enemies regardless of your tower configuration. You will probably need the SuperSpinner multiplier for the Jumbo Spins to close in on the 20,000x potential, which also means you get at least 6 enemies in the Jumbo Symbol. Cash Defense is another brave attempt from a daring studio, and we hope Print keep doing their own thing instead of “selling out”.


Cash Defense Slot FAQs

What is the RTP of Cash Defense?

The top-tier Cash Defense RTP of 96.29 % is a bit above average, but this release may come with customizable RTP ranges.

How volatile is Cash Defense?

This is a high volatility installment from Print Studios, and it scores 4 out of 5 on their own volatility scale.

What is the biggest win possible?

You can win up to 20,000x your stake in Cash Defense, which is a solid potential by any measure.

How does the Tower Defense bonuses work in Cash Defense?

You get a Mini and a Grand version, and in stage 1 monsters are killed by towers (or not). Eliminated monsters turn into a jumbo symbol in stage 2, where you get 3 free spins with or without a random and increasing win multiplier in the Grand version.

Is there a free spins mode in Cash Defense?

Not in the traditional sense, but the Tower Defense features do give you either 1 or 3 free spins in the second stage.

How do the SuperSpinners feature work?

SuperSpinners sit between reels, and are activated randomly with random line win multipliers in the base game. In the Grand TD Bonus, killing SuperSpinner monsters awards a random jumbo spins multiplier that increases by +1 per spin.

Can I play Cash Defense Slot for free?

Yes, you can try the free demo game at the very top of this page (UK players must verify age first). Up there, you will also find casinos our scan has confirmed to carry this title.

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